Custom vs. Templated Web Design: What’s Better for You?

Having an online presence provides you with the opportunity to maximize your business potential by reaching out to a broader audience. Creating an attractive and engaging website is a must to captivate your target audience. A beautiful and well-optimized website gives all the more reason for your audience to interact and transact with your business. 

A good web design is the foundation of building awareness of your brand to a broader audience; hence it is essential to use a web design that fits your needs. There are essentially two types of approaches to web design- using temperate web design or custom building your own web design. 

Custom web design

A custom web build is the best way to go when you want your website to stand out among the competition. Every aspect of your website is tailored to your brand, business, and products or services. The aesthetic and function of your site are based on the needs of your target audience. Creating a custom web design is a complicated process and may require the expertise of a professional website designer. This website design approach offers a host of advantages:

  • Uniqueness and customization. The customization for a website is limitless. It can look however you want it to look. Your design aesthetics should align with your brand and what you have on offer. You can add as many features as possible and even create the layout with the help of experts. You can change it up as often as you want, improving the design and optimizing content over time. 
  • Built-in UX and SEO. By customizing your site, critical web qualities, including performance and user experience, are integrated into your website’s foundations. You can rest assured of a responsive website across all devices. Lastly, custom websites include rich snippets, AMPs, and SEO tools to ensure greater visibility on major search engines. 

Templated web design 

A templated web design offers you a simple, quick, and affordable means to create your own site. Depending on your technical skills, you may even make a website without professional help. As the name implies, this type of website uses pre-built web pages and is coded in CSS and HTMP into ready-to-launch sites. In addition, you can tailor the templates, which means you may add your content or tweak the layout, colors, themes, styles, and functionality. 

  • Easy to make. You don’t need advanced knowledge in programming to complete a templated website. Most builders use low-code, drag-and-drop tools to manipulate various elements of your site. 
  • Cost-effective. You can still create an attractive and fully functional website on a limited budget. If you want to increase the customization features for your site, some builders typically charge on demand. 


A custom web build is a better option if you want a unique, versatile, and highly customizable site to work with. On the other hand, if you are on a budget or looking to launch a site in a matter of days, a templated web design is worth serious consideration.